Lost and (Puget) Sound Video and Home Extension Teaching Guide Overview

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The 26-minute cinematic feature follows three teens who lose a key down a storm drain. In their search for the key, they learn about stormwater pollution in Puget Sound and discover they can do something about it.

 The video and lessons were designed in cooperation with stormwater outreach professionals and local school district science resource staff to educate and inspire behavior changes to prevent pollution and to complement existing mainstream science curricula. The package is appropriate as a stand-alone element or to add local connections to several common elementary and middle school science kits, including Landforms, Land and Water, Ecosystems, and Solutions & Pollution, as well as applied context for Salmon in the Schools.

The video was produced for Seattle Public Utilities by Ijo Arts Media Group and directed by Bogdan Darev. The Washington State Department of Ecology provided funding for this resource. Project partners included Seattle Public Schools, Everett Public Schools, and the City of Tacoma.


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