So you’re thinking of joining Salmon in the Schools?

Participating in Salmon in the Schools is much more than having fish in your classroom. It requires time, teacher and principal consent, education about salmon, and funds for equipment and supplies. We’ve compiled this information to aid in your decision.

SIS-Seattle has the following priorities for adding schools to the program:

  • Elementary schools. The program is geared to upper-elementary grades and the flexibility of the elementary school day.  Middle schools and high schools may join if teachers give us a summary of how they intend to make the most of the program and how they intend to ensure the safe release of fry.
  • Under-resourced schools (at least 50% FRL).  The program is well-suited to enrich the learning environment in a variety of ways.
  • Schools with a volunteer or colleague to assist the lead teacher with tank maintenance. Having help with the tank frees teachers to make the most of learning opportunities associated with the program.

We have an online form for registering your interest in joining the program. It will ask you the following questions:

  • Why would you like to participate in SIS?
  • Has your school participated in the past?
  • Will you have support from your principal/head of school, PTA, and/or custodial staff (either financial, in-kind or time)? Briefly describe.
  • At what grade level and subjects do you anticipate including education about salmon and watersheds? Briefly describe.
  • SIS-Seattle recommends a central location for the salmon tank where all students can at least observe the fish. Where would you expect your tank to be located?
  • Where would you release your salmon? Do you have a salmon-bearing creek, river, or lake within a short bus ride from your school?
  • Do you have any working equipment (tank, chiller, filter, etc.)? Itemize.
  • Does your school have funds to purchase new equipment and replace consumable tank supplies? Initial costs can be up to $1,500 for new equipment. We suggest you budget up to $250/year for supplies and the eventual replacement or repair of equipment. SIS-Seattle may be able to help; just tell us about your funding situation.

IF YOUR SCHOOL WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN Salmon in the Schools – Seattle, read the SIS Teacher Agreement and review the SIS Teacher Handbook, then fill out this interest form.

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