Use the following learning resources “off the shelf” or as prompts to create your own lesson plans. We welcome additions! Simply attach your lesson plan to an email (Contact Us) that briefly describes how you have used it and any tips that might be helpful to another teacher.

Activities for Young Children

In the Classroom

  • Guided Imagery Young children imagine the life of a salmon in the wild.
  • Habitat Go Fish Young children play Go Fish with cards showing elements of healthy salmon habitat.
  • Salmon Hats Young children begin to learn about salmon by making paper hats.

In the Field


Lesson Plans – Grades 2-5

In the Classroom

In the Field

  • Habitat Go/FindWorking in teams, students search for habitat features and answer questions about what they find.
  • Native Plants & PeopleStudents find and examine native plants that the First People could have harvested for various uses.
  • Storm Drain Stenciling Students stencil an educational message on curbs above drains to raise public awareness and help prevent pollution.
  • Find details about additional field-trip opportunities in your Teacher Handbook pages 18-19.

Lesson Plans – Secondary

In the Classroom

In the Field

Tips and Tricks for Taking Kids Outside

Practical advice about going on nature field trips

Salmon Clipart

This gallery includes a small sampling of salmon art. If you don’t find what you need, search Google or Bing images. Be sure the image you select is for the salmon species your students are raising.

Additional Educational Opportunities 

See your Teacher Handbook.

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