Bus Transportation

Seattle Public Utilities will provide Seattle schools with reimbursement for bus transportation (funding level dependent on FRL%).  Eligible programs are Carkeek Park Fall Salmon Search and Salmon Releases throughout the city.

Eligibility for transportation reimbursement is as follows:

  • Carkeek Park Salmon Search – Active SIS classes (one program slot per school). 
  • Salmon Releases – Active Salmon in the Schools – One Seattle program date, up to 60 students. Any age (priority for lead SIS permit class).
  • Schools with 37% or more FRL students will be reimbursed for total bus cost.
  • Schools with less than 36% FRL students will be reimbursed $150/bus
  • Pick-ups should be scheduled carefully to avoid any surcharges which must be paid by school.
  • For questions contact katherine.straus@seattle.gov 206.386.4621

If you fit the eligibility requirements, fill out the Pre-Approval Request form at least two weeks in advance of the trip. Initial, Sign, Scan/email the form to Katherine Straus, katherine.straus@seattle.gov.

Reimbursement will be made when you send in the Request for School Bus Reimbursement form after the field trip. Sign, Scan/email the form to Katherine Straus, katherine.straus@seattle.gov 

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